How it works ?

Vermicomposting is a technique that uses a natural and ecological process of placing earthworms in a container (the worms composting machine) that feed on the organic waste that we bring to them regularly during the preparation of meals.

The Eco-Worms range

Having a vermicomposter makes it possible not to clutter the trash with organic waste such as the first leaves of salads and vegetable peelings. Vermicomposting provides two fertilizers, the vermicompost and a juice called lombrithé.The vermicomposteur is not bulky and s 'installs easily in the house or apartment.

Manufacture of Eco-Worms

Eco-Worms is an elegant vermicomposter, which comes in several colors.

The black models are made of 100% recycled plastic materials

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Recycle your household waste

Recycle your household waste

Garden side

About us

In order to act together for the environment, Collavet Plastiques offers vermicomposters, made of rigid recycled plastic, which make it possible to transform kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings into quality compost without producing any unpleasant odors, and also to produce a liquid fertilizer. very rich organic used for plants.

Vermicomposting is a very effective way to reduce the volume of our bins.

Un lombricomposteur Eco-Worms dans votre entreprise ?

Un lombricomposteur Eco-Worms dans votre entreprise ?

Et pourquoi pas ? Dans de nombreuses entreprises des salariés déjeunent sur place à midi, que deviennent les restes vert ?
Eco-Worms sera présent au salon Valeriane à Namur 1,2 et 3 Septembre 2017

Eco-Worms sera présent au salon Valeriane à Namur 1,2 et 3 Septembre 2017

Plus de 20 000 visiteurs qui sur 3 jours vont découvrir 300 exposants.

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