Kitchen garden Fir 50x50cm

VAT included

The dimensions of this kit are: length 0.5 meter, width 0.5 meter.

The Garden Square Patio Kit contains all the necessary elements to assemble a kitchen square made of fir planks, planed and grooved 20cm high.

The dimensions of this kit are: length 0.5 meter, width 0.5 meter.

This vegetable patch will easily find its place on a balcony or terrace.

The fir planks are 24mm thick. The height of the vegetable garden mounted is 20cm, the kits are stackable to make kitchen squares of 40.60 or 80 cm high!

The angles are maintained by eco-links. The vegetable garden Jardi-Patio is removable and reconfigurable. A geo-textile fabric is provided in each Jardi-Patio kit.

The vegetable garden Jardi-Patio is a quality product expected to last for many years. The eco-link is a robust and ingenious system developed and patented by Dauph Innove. Eco-links are designed and manufactured in France. The above images are informative and do not take into account the length of the boards that make up the 50x50cm Jardi-Patio kit.

In photos a kitchen square 50x50cm on 2 heights 40cm high.

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