And why not? In many companies employees have lunch on site at midday, what happens to green waste? As this article in Echos Week-End explains, more and more companies are offering a 'shared gardening' area. For us it is now obvious that vermicomposters are the gardener's friend, because they reduce waste and because they produce vermicompost and vermicompost greatly encourages the growth of vegetables, the circle has come full circle. If the idea of a vegetable garden corner makes its way into your business, do not hesitate to contact us and we will introduce you to the virtuous combination of the Eco-Worms vermicomposter and the Jardi3D modular vegetable garden square

" Salads on the roof, tomatoes on the ground floor, radishes on the balcony... Many city dwellers are rediscovering the joy of growing their own vegetables. An idea that is also making progress in companies, to the great pleasure of the employees."