Vermicomposting in Paris is possible!

As you know, living in Paris and having ecological practices is quite possible. As such, the technique of vermicomposting is becoming more and more widespread in large cities. Its small size makes it possible to install it everywhere, while town halls, as is the case in Paris in particular, have been carrying out operations for several years now to enable residents to equip themselves with a vermicomposter in flats.

What is a vermicomposter?

Before you start vermicomposting, it is important to define what you want to do with it. First of all, it is important to know that it is a technique that uses a natural and ecological process that consists of placing worms in a tub, called a vermicomposter, which will feed on the organic waste produced during the preparation of your meals: peelings, skin, grease, etc. The worms are then placed in the tub to be composted. The worms are able to eat the equivalent of their daily weight of organic matter. They can therefore reduce the initial volume of what they have absorbed by a factor of five. Interesting isn't it? Once the digestion phase is complete, they will reject this matter in the form of an odourless whole that will look like compost. This is called vermicompost.

How does a vermicomposter work?

The principle is quite simple. All you have to do is place your worms in a container and add your organic waste. The vermicompost obtained is the result of the worms' excrements in your installation. By placing your bins one on top of the other, you can rotate the different components of the vermicomposter. In addition, a liquid called vermicompost can also be recovered, which is the liquid fertilizer produced by your worms. From a global point of view, vermicomposting is therefore an ecological practice that allows you to recycle all your daily waste. But be careful, because not everything is allowed in the vermicomposter, such as plastic, glass, but also metal, since these materials cannot be ingested by the worms. Note that once the fertilizer is obtained, you can reuse it for crops and plantations.

How is this fertilizer made?

Once you have learned the basics and the principle of this technique, it is important to understand how to make your fertilizer. The worm bin is made up of several boxes stacked one on top of the other. A sieve must be placed in the bottom of each unit. The litter is also an important element in order to make a successful compost. Indeed, it is important to make sure you maintain a balance between carbon and nitrogen inside your worm bin. This precaution is necessary in order to ensure a good balance within your vermicomposter. Although the main purpose of the bedding is to provide food for the worms in the various receptacles, it also has another role. For example, it helps control odours and manage moisture levels inside the unit to ensure good ventilation. It is important to know that the worm bins are the right size to accumulate the organic waste of an entire family. Your worms can be fed with your leftovers, but also coffee grounds or tea bags. However, if you want to prevent flies from coming around your compost, it is best to store it outside your home. A little Eco-Worms tip: we recommend the use of Eisenia Foetida: these are a special species that thrive between 10 and 15 degrees. If the conditions are good and the food is adequate, these worms can ingest up to 500 grams of waste per day. Note that these worms mate, allowing you to keep enough over the years to produce your vermicompost.

The city of Paris keeps up to date

Large cities have been going green for a few years now, and this is particularly the case in Paris, which sometimes distributes vermicomposters to its residents.  The quantities are small, but you can try your luck at your local town hall. Please note that for optimal use of your product, a training session is offered before you receive your vermicomposter. To be eligible, you must live in the district in question and present proof of address. If you do not live in central Paris and you want a high quality product, we invite you to place an order on the Ecoworms website. You will find many products, in all sizes and colours. Parisians, to your vermicomposters.