The eco-worms pack

The french vermicomposters !

To act together for the environment the Collavet Plastiques company proposes vermicomposters, in recycled plastic, allowing to transform without unpleasant smells the waste of cooking such as the peels of vegetables in a compost of quality and to produce also a useful very rich organic liquid fertilizer for plants.

The vermicomposting is a very effective means to reduce the volume of our trash cans.

Simple and successful

Our Vermicomposter is perfectly suited to the needs of families with a small garden but also to citizens for use indoors or on a balcony.


Thanks to the Eco-Worms selective sorting becomes easier.


Ideal for classrooms, our Vermicomposter is an essential educational support and an inexhaustible source of discovery (observation of an ecosystem) and animations (gardening shop). It will also educate children on the need to properly manage the waste.


Eco-Worms is an elegant Vermicomposter, which comes in several colors. To be practical and can be moved, the Eco-Worms has wheels. It is a beautiful object made ​of quality plastic with a flawless finish. To house an ecosystem that will transform a part of your household waste, Eco-Worms has been careful attention during design. Its production is neat to bring you health and comfort of everyday use.


Vermicomposting requires only a low investment cost and a lack of attention on a daily basis against a significant reduction of waste at source. The cost of collection and processing of household waste was doubled in 10 years.


Daily use of the Eco-Worms is an effective way to enhance home fermenticible part of our waste, rather than filling the trucks of organic matter that will end in an incinerator. Vermicomposting produces a locally produced fertilizing for soil and restructuring called vermicompost. Vermicomposting can also produce a good quality liquid fertilizer diluted at a rate of 1 to 10 parts water is suitable for your plants.

To reduce, it's to act

In our trash from 25 to 30% of waste is compostable

In France, the amount of waste doubled between 1980 and 2002, from 180 to 360 kg per person per year.

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