To start Eco-Worms

Dont worry !

To start Eco-Worms, you will need:

- Worms : the ideal is to use the kit of starting up WORMSTART on sale on our site.

- Some papers like newspaper sheets. - Good quality compost.

- Green household waste: peels of vegetables, salad leaves...

- Waste rich in carbon: absorbing scrap of paper, tea bag ... A watering can with a little water or an atomizer. All the operations of starting up shall make in the basket of the top. Other baskets will be later used.

Step1: Assemble The Eco-vers

Step 2 : Bring together the necessary ingredients at startup

Arrange 3 or 4 layers of newspaper sheets on the bottom of the sieve

Step 3: The potting soil

Put a layer of compost about 4 in 5 cm. NB: if you use a ready for use kit, this operation can be eliminated

Step 4: The earthworms composters

Put down carefully worms on the compost. Worms do not like the light and they will quickly bury themselves in the layer of litter.

Step 5: Moisten the soil containing the compost worms

Moisten slightly.

Step 6: Add vegetable peelings and a little salad

When worms will have buried themselves, to place on the top a little of waste: green salad, peels of vegetables, paper and cardboards, coffee marc...

Step 7: High carbon waste

Cover with one or two newspaper sheet or a sheet of cotton cut in circle. If the atmosphere in which Eco-Worms is placed is dry, to moisten again.

Step 8: Maintain moisture

Close the cover and let worms acclimatize during 1 or 2 weeks.

Step 9: We wait!

After the period of acclimatization, you can load gradually by increasing doses weeks after weeks. See "menu" chapter.

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