The principle of Eco-Worms


Vermicomposting is a technique using a natural and ecological processes consisting in placing in a container worms that feed on organic waste that we bring to them regularly when preparing meals. These worms eat up the equivalent of their weight per day of organic material and reduce by 5 the initial volume they have absorbed. After a period of digestion,worms reject a field devoid of smell, the consistency of a soil called vermicompost.


Vermicompost is an amendment rich in nutrients for plants (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium). It improves aeration, soil structure and increases its ability to retain water. Its pH is relatively neutral. Plants receiving vermicompost are more productive and generally more resistant to disease. This compost is used in the garden, before digging, by spreading on the floor to a height of 3mm and for planting in pots by mixing 1 / 3 of vermicompost to 2 / 3 of ground.


The Eco Worms also produce a liquid rich in nutrients, minerals and trace elements derived primarily from the water contained in food waste (approximately 80% of their mass). Also called “worms tea“ the liquid is recovered in the lower conical Eco Worms. This liquid fertilizer is used, diluted in 10 parts water for watering plants.

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