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After some time, worms are going to multiply and their quantity will adapt itself to the volume of waste to be treated.

When the first module is filled, placed the following one over and continued in the same way to feed. Detecting of the food, Eisenia is going to rise towards the upper module in passing through holes situated at the bottom of every basket. Worms will leave the bottom module, in which the waste will have been transformed partially or totally in lombricompost.

The third module will be set up when the second module will be full. When this third module will be full, you can proceed to the harvest of the lombricompost of the first module. This lombricompost will be used for your plants and in your garden (to see chapter " The lombricompost "). This module at the moment empty will be placed on the top of the Eco-Worms and will become in his turn the upper basket.

The rotation of modules or sieve will then be started. Every week, verified the presence of worms tea in the collection tub, the sign of good functioning of the ECO-WORMS.

The worms’ tea will be harvested with the measuring glass specially developed for this usage and supplied with your ECO-WORMS. This one can be stored in bottles. The worms’ tea can be used as liquid fertilizer for plants (see chapter "the worms’ tea "). Every month clean the decanter and the collection tub by passing them under warm water. During the maintenance, you can use the cover back to front to put modules. According to the need of families, additional modules can be supplied to you in option.