Recycle your household waste

Vermicomposting is a technique that uses a natural and ecological process of placing worms in a container (the worm composting machine) that feed on the organic waste we regularly bring to them when preparing meals. These worms eat up to the equivalent of their weight per day of organic matter and reduce by 5 the initial volume that they have absorbed. After a phase of digestion, the worms will reject a material devoid of odor, the consistency of a soil called vermicompost.

Make your fertilizer

Vermicompost is a nutrient-rich amendment for plants (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium). It improves ventilation, soil structure and increases its water retention capacity. Its pH is relatively neutral. Plants receiving vermicompost are more productive and generally more resistant to disease. This compost is usable in the garden, before digging, by spreading directly on the ground on a height of 3mm and for the plantations in pot by mixing 1/3 of vermicompost with 2/3 of earth.The liquid fertilizer: The Eco Worms also produces a liquid rich in nutrients, minerals and trace elements mainly from the water contained in kitchen waste (about 80% of their mass). Also called "tea of ​​worms" or "lombrithé", this liquid is recovered in the lower conical part of the Eco Worms. This liquid fertilizer will be used, diluted in 10 parts of water for watering plants.

Preserve your environment

We collaborate with the company Dauphinnove and we are happy to present you their first product, the ideal companion of the vermicomposter: the kitchen garden larch.It is durable, thick boards of larch guarantee its longevity.It is flexible, you can choose the The hinges are stackable so that you can garden at the height that suits you. It is a quality product designed to adapt to your environment. With vermicompost as ammandement your crops will be amazing. So this spring, on your balcony, your terrace, in your garden offer you a corner of vegetable garden!