Eco-Worms Point by point

Eco-Worms is an elegant vermicomposter, which comes in several colors. The black models are made of 100% recycled plastic materials. The sieves of colors (blue, pink, purple, beige, apple green, red, fir, brown) are made of high quality polyethylene stained in the mass and protected UV. To be practical and to be moved, the Eco-Worms is equipped with wheels. It is a beautiful object made in a quality plastic with an irreproachable finish. Designed to house an ecosystem, which will transform some of your household waste, Eco-Worms has been the subject of rigorous attention during its design. Its manufacture is neat to bring you hygiene and comfort of everyday use.

The Eco-Worms lid

Moving part, its primary function is to cover the vermicomposter. In the closed position, 3 stops trimmed in extra thickness inside the cover provides ventilation while allowing to keep a sufficient humidity necessary for the health of the ecosystem and a rapid decomposition.

The ECO-WORMS cover is equipped at its center with an ergonomic handle for a great comfort of grip.

If the need arises to use a humidification mat (option sold on our site), the latter can be buttoned on the 3 pawns, which makes the cover and the fiber mat integral.

To free the hands of the user, perhaps hung on the edge of the upper basket with 3 gray tokens.

When harvesting the vermicompost, placed upside down on the ground, the 3 gray pawns at the top, serves as support for the sieves so as not to soil the soil.

The dimensions of the ECO-WORMS allow easy cleaning with clear water in a standard sink.

ECO-WORMS sieves

There are 3 or 4 depending on the number of people per household, used to store putrescible materials that will be transformed into vermicompost by a strain of composting worms.

The strapping handle prevents deformation under load, ensuring perfect concentricity and good grip. The sieves will not get trapped between them and slide perfectly when the vermicompost is collected.

The form "sieve" allows the passage of worms from one floor to another.

6 additional thicknesses, housed on the circular handle, avoids the tightness between sieves, allows ventilation between floors and serve as a depth stop during sliding so as not to compact the vermicompost in the lower floors.

The surface tension index of polyethylene avoids the adhesiveness of materials and allows easy cleaning of screens with clean water in a standard sink.

The bottom of the sieves consists of a grid double tiered mesh to drain air. This function is important when rotating sieves.

The screens are made of high density polyethylene dyed in the mass, anti-UV treated guaranteeing durability of appearance and mechanical characteristics. The quality of the plastic used is of food quality thus avoiding the risk of contamination.

The ECO-WORMS decanter

This piece is installed in the collection tray under the sieves to separate the juice from the solid parts of vermicompost can fall by gravity, thus avoiding clogging of the valve.

It separates the living part (worms) from the juice part, avoiding the death of the worms by drowning and thus avoids the development of foul odors.

This 30cm diameter disc-shaped piece is easy to clean with clean water under a sink faucet. Decreases the frequency of cleaning the drip tray. Material of manufacture: recycled polyethylene.

The ECO-WORMS collection tray

This part of the vermicomposter is intended to recover the juices from the water contained in the waste. These juices, also called lombrithé, after having passed through the layers of material stored in the sieves, will be decanted before falling into the collecting tray.

The collector can store up to 4 liters of lumphithé which gives it a range of 4 to 5 weeks.

In the upper part, 8 studs provide ventilation to the vermicomposter.

The bottom of the collector is gently sloping to prevent stagnant juice.

Its shape and size allow easy cleaning in a standard sink. Supporting the load of 3 screens, its structure in recycled polypropylene loaded mineral gives it good mechanical strength and high rigidity.

A baffle is placed in the bottom of the drip tray, just before the valve to trap any solids that could hinder the flow of juice.

At mid-height, 3 reefs ensure the positioning of the decanter.

The ECO-WORMS valve

This quarter-turn 2-position "open and closed" device serves to effectively regulate the flow of juices. O-rings (dimensions: 7.2 x 11 x 1.9, general reference: O-rings # 6) seal the valve.

Easy assembly without tools.

Guaranteed tightness by means of 2 interchangeable o-rings of the type "valves".

The ECO-WORMS base

It is on this piece that rests the entirety of the vermicomposter.

Its mineral-filled polypropylene structure gives it good mechanical strength and rigidity.

It is equipped with 6 wheels to make moving the vermicomposter easy.

Its plateau form prevents any drops of lombrithé from falling on the ground.

The ECO-WORMS doser

500 ml capacity.

Allows juice harvesting

Allows easy dosing of the lombrithé in relation to the amount of water when watering the plants.

ECO-WORMS training bookle

20 pages of A5 information that will answer most users' questions.