Particular cases and advices

Barks of citrus fruits can be added to the eisenia, but by small quantities, because they are acid. Potatoes’peels, unless being finely cut, will set a lot of time to decompose because of the starch contained in these. They can even germinate!

Dairy products, as cheese’s croutes, can be placed in the ECO-WORMS, in particular if they are mouldy. The balance nitrogenous material/carbon material is indispensable to the ECO-WORMS good functioning. Approximately 60 % of nitrogenous material (organic waste) for 40 % of carbon material (paper, cardboard) is needed.

Give your waste in small pieces. Put a little litter under and on the food to avoid the installation of midges, to favor the air circulation, for the bacteria which work with worms and finally to preserve the humidity. If the litter seems to you dry, moisten it with an atomizer. And last precision, you can go on holidays!!!!!!!!!

Worms can remain 2 or 3 weeks without being fed because they will go back several times the contents of the Eco-Worms in their intestines before shouting famine!

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