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Educational: School Pack

Ideal for classrooms, our vermicomposteur is an essential educational support and an inexhaustible source of discoveries (observation of an ecosystem) and animations (gardening workshop). It will also make children aware of the need to properly manage household waste.

1 vermicomposter with 3 sieve colors:

  • 1 turquoise blue sieve
  • +1 fushia pink sieve
  • +1 apple green sieve
  • +1 humidification mat
  • +1 assortment of stickers
  • +1 menu of A3 verses
  • +1 poster A3
  • +1 Weekly A3
  • +2 bio-buckets (nitrogenous waste and carbonaceous waste)
  • +1 strain of 500 gr of worms

Expected price of the pack: 109 € TTC

Shipping fees : 13,50 € TTC

Contact form school project

We intervened several times in classes to start the vermicomposter with students. It is as a result of these experiences that we have defined the School Pack. The ecosystem of a vermicomposter is a subject of study that fascinates children.

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