Vermicomposter Eco-Worms 3 sieve Blue Turquoise

VAT included

Vermicomposter 3 Sieve Turquoise Blue is suitable for 1 to 4 people. This vermicomposter allows you to recycle your household waste up to 30% without odors.

Comes with 1 humidification mat, a complete explanatory booklet and the cardboard washer to start.

Its small size allows you to place it where you want: kitchen, balcony, terrace.

The worms are not delivered with the composter, if order of worms they will reach you thereafter.

Shipment within 3 days.

Vers de compost
  • 250 grammes
  • Sans vers
  • coupon envoi différé de 250g de vers pour cadeau.

The Eco-Worms will easily find its place in your home, thanks to the wheels it moves easily, its height is 60cm and its diameter is 42cm.
By using a vermicomposter you can reduce by 30% the volume of your garbage cans while making an exceptional compost. Delivered without worms.

You harvest two fertilizers:

- The vermicompost (gardener's black gold) to mix with 20% potting soil.

- The lombrithé or tea of ​​the worm to dilute to 10% to water the plants.


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